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We are a team of robots from iron metal with positronic brain. Our leader Doctor Noonien Soong. No coding - no life, no gain without pain!

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Major Lazer today released an interactive video for their new single "No Know Better." The video allows the viewer to take part in the video, albeit in a very limited way. In ...

After feeding 270,000 words into a computer program that studies language patterns, The New Yorker got a result that's about as awful as the real thing. The neural network studied each ...

A novel new testing method uses a single drop of blood to test for 13 types of cancer. By testing for differences in the microRNA (miRNA) the test is able to accurately detect cancers ...'s rising share price bumps Bezos, briefly, to richest man status

The unusual brief came in a Long Island case that could prove to be a test of whether federal anti-discrimination laws should cover gay workers.

His loyalty to the boss severely tested but seemingly intact, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he will stay in the job for as long as President Donald Trump wants him to serve.


LeeLoo ePassport Reader

Application that lets you read the content of your passport's NFC chip.

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Currency. Exchange. Ukraine

Exchange rates in Ukraine. Safe anonymous currency exchange.

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The Devil's Dictionary

The Devil's Dictionary is a satirical dictionary written by Ambrose Bierce.

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Liberta Car Launcher

Liberta Car Launcher is Car Dock application

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NetCat for Android

A simple application for traffic generation for localhost and remote server as well

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Happy Halloween!

Meet crazy and funny Happy Halloween Monsters!

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WarmUp Wallpapers

Most high quality wallpapers! Bring you the highest quality wallpaper WarmUp

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